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Work in Progress

So, why is the blog called A Work in Progress? Short answer, life is a work in progress. When you were born you had the ability to breath, eat, and not much else. Compared to then you’re a miracle now. We are all on a journey with no real destination. We live in the ultimate sandbox with an infinite amount of decisions to be made. When you learn where you want to go in life you gain the ability create action toward your dream. For me it was starting a blog, and learning to tell a story.

Failure doesn’t really exist in life, so long as we continue with our journey. We work perfecting ourselves a little bit each day, and with setbacks comes knowledge. I wouldn’t admit to anyone that I was sad at how things turned out for me. I had this whole plan of where I wanted to be, and what my life would look like. Over time my life continued to divert from this ideal path to something that a few years ago would be completely alien to me. People don’t even recognize me anymore in my hometown. I’m completely different.

I was sad though because I felt like everything I have done has failed, and that it’s the end of the line. Actually though I have learned, and grew as a person. I will continue to grow by making mistakes, and improving upon them to form the life I want to live. No one can take that from me, and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if I stumble so long as I learn from it.

I am a work in progress, so is my writing, my marriage, my religion, and my life. It will never be perfected, but it will grow day to day. It will eventually become my life’s work, and when my life is completed I will have known it was a good one. That is what brings peace to me is the knowledge that I don’t have to be the best, only better than I was yesterday. My life isn’t anyone else’s, and as long as I breath I can still make plenty of mistakes to work on.


What is your work in progress?

Life In Mind

If you are an observant individual (like I know you are) you will have noticed my tagline is Life in Mind. Now there are several reasons why that is an important phrase to me and it also explains more about why I am blogging. It’s also an important phrase to you. That is really what we should be talking about because you are the most important person to yourself.

Life in Mind is a mantra of mindfulness for the busy person who is on the go (most everyone). To me it means Don’t forget life. I do forget about life, not the functions like breathing, but noticing that I am alive. This is my life. I only get one of these, and what am I doing with it? North American Culture specifically the United States is one that is constantly on the go. We like fast food, fast lines, fast fun, fast movies, fast cars, and fast work. We like to get it done get it done now and move onto the next thing. We are so on the go all the time that we forget about living, we forget about life, we forget about ourselves.

Life in Mind isn’t trying to stop your life, or even slow you down. Some people live in the fast lane it’s perfect for them. What it is about is taking a moment each day to notice you’re alive. You take a moment to be mindful of the thoughts, feelings, and sensations that surround you. You notice the feelings you feel at that moment. We want to be non-judgemental during this, and just be in the moment.

Each time we take a moment we get better at learning how to take moments more often. As we get more mindful we get to learn about ourselves in new ways. Once we learn about ourselves we can make good decisions that benefit ourselves emotionally, and logically. Take some time every day to just be, and you might find something about yourself.

Now time for me to be selfish and talk about how it affects me. I like writing, and I love reading. I’m not good at either, but each time I took a few moments for myself I learned I really like what I think about. I really enjoyed the stories that played out in my head, and the drama. I enjoy making the characters move, and change. So, I wanted to write stories, opinions, reviews, and ideas. I wanted to write, so I made a blog with Life in Mind to write. It doesn’t matter if its good, just matters that I do it to benefit me.

Are you a mindful person? What do you do to be mindful? What can you discover new about yourself?

Let me know.

A Most Soild Introduction

A large unfairness that I find with starting a blog is that so much seems one sided. I get to expel my beliefs, writing, and reviews all over you like the annoying kid in class who only has the one joke. You just get to sit there listening to it wondering what your life has become. Lets hope its not that bad of a blog, but I do hope that you will leave a comment letingt me know what you think. If you are nice then that just makes it a more positive experience for the both of us (especially if we disagree with each other).

Overall I think that I am a failure at life, and what I wanted out of life. This isn’t some sort of emo rant where I spill my nihilistic values all over the web. I am just being honest with myself, and understanding that if I want to improve I have to accept that I failed in many things (most things). Focusing on the positive first I did a couple of things right: I married the love of my life, and I learned how to play dungeons and dragons. Other than that there isn’t really a whole lot I have to be proud of, and in comparison to now I wonder how I honestly managed to get either of those right. I’ve become overweight, I am in debt, I have to idea how to get better work, and I don’t know what it means to live a good life.

When I work with clients I often ask them what they want out of their expereince, what are their goals, and do they have plans to accomplish them? I never took the time to answer these questions for myself. I don’t know who I am really…and that is a strange thing to say. I mean we all know who we are as in what we look like, and how we feel around situations. I just don’t know who I am. I don’t see myself fitting into a situation, and I feel more like a ship on a sea of desperation to find what life all means for me.

So that is why I am writing. It’s self-discovery, and a chance to improve. It’s a way to hold myself accountable to my goals, and one day live a better life. I will be writing my opinion on things, creating fiction, and blogging about my personal life. I’m going to get it all out there to hopefully make a change, and get somewhere close to where I want to be.


What do I want out of this blog?

To grow into the mistakes I have made overcoming the setbacks, and setting up a foundation to build off of.

What are my goals of this blog?

To write fictions, reviews, personal tales, and opinions in an effort to understand myself.

How do I plan to accomplish this?

Write when I can. Post something at least three times a week, take pictures, understand the blogging community.

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