If you are an observant individual (like I know you are) you will have noticed my tagline is Life in Mind. Now there are several reasons why that is an important phrase to me and it also explains more about why I am blogging. It’s also an important phrase to you. That is really what we should be talking about because you are the most important person to yourself.

Life in Mind is a mantra of mindfulness for the busy person who is on the go (most everyone). To me it means Don’t forget life. I do forget about life, not the functions like breathing, but noticing that I am alive. This is my life. I only get one of these, and what am I doing with it? North American Culture specifically the United States is one that is constantly on the go. We like fast food, fast lines, fast fun, fast movies, fast cars, and fast work. We like to get it done get it done now and move onto the next thing. We are so on the go all the time that we forget about living, we forget about life, we forget about ourselves.

Life in Mind isn’t trying to stop your life, or even slow you down. Some people live in the fast lane it’s perfect for them. What it is about is taking a moment each day to notice you’re alive. You take a moment to be mindful of the thoughts, feelings, and sensations that surround you. You notice the feelings you feel at that moment. We want to be non-judgemental during this, and just be in the moment.

Each time we take a moment we get better at learning how to take moments more often. As we get more mindful we get to learn about ourselves in new ways. Once we learn about ourselves we can make good decisions that benefit ourselves emotionally, and logically. Take some time every day to just be, and you might find something about yourself.

Now time for me to be selfish and talk about how it affects me. I like writing, and I love reading. I’m not good at either, but each time I took a few moments for myself I learned I really like what I think about. I really enjoyed the stories that played out in my head, and the drama. I enjoy making the characters move, and change. So, I wanted to write stories, opinions, reviews, and ideas. I wanted to write, so I made a blog with Life in Mind to write. It doesn’t matter if its good, just matters that I do it to benefit me.

Are you a mindful person? What do you do to be mindful? What can you discover new about yourself?

Let me know.