Day: June 10, 2018

Happy Meat

The ocean wave crawled up the shore licking Jessica’s feet. The sun beating down upon her burnt body, chapping her lips, and making her eyes sore. She hasn’t eaten in so long, and yesterday was the last of their water. She corrected that thought, last of her water. Everyone else was dead. Thirst, and hunger sat like an untouchable itch in her mind. No matter how hard she to tried to think of something else her thoughts always returned to water. Drinking it, bathing in it, hell downing in it. The itch grew until she could no longer take it, she would die without any water. Getting up she pushed forward to the edge of the jungle peering in.

The entrance met her with complete silence. She had never been to a jungle, but it should make some sound. Bugs, birds, or even rustling of trees nothing moved, all that awaited her was the silent dark. She played with the plants in front, her body in pain from the hours in the sun. Exposed for days her once perfect skin became blistered scared. Nowhere close to the jungle was safe. What she would give to just to go in. She knew what happened in there. She saw what it did.

It watched the meat on the edge, heart throbbing in anticipation. The meat had been on the edge of the water too far away from reach. Now it was closer, so close it could just reach out and grab her. It wanted the meat, it needed the meat. The meat would be rewarded. Drooling it blew its nectar out toward her.

Jessica smelled the sweet nectar. Pulling her hand away quickly from the plant she felt her insides warm with pleasure. Her body wanted to go deeper into the jungle toward the smell. That’s how it consumed the rest of them. The sweet smell that lured them away. They laughed in delight as it tore at them. Jessica teased more of the entrance. She just needed to get in their and fill her skin of water. She could last three weeks without food, but she had been too long without water. The lake was close to the entrance. They had made it before when there were others to target, but it was just her now.

It watched her, drooling over itself hungry, so hungry. It wanted to feast, needed to feast, it has been too long. Such a vibrant place this was and so full of meat to eat, but the meat was gone now all gone, gone away come again another day. It hummed to itself blowing more nectar out toward her. She would feel good, oh so good like a good meat she would be pleased, happy meat is good meat.

Jessica smelled the nectar again, stronger this time. A surge of adrenaline flowed through her as she cringed from the sudden pleasurable feeling that was overwhelming her. Her mind screamed in fear knowing it was just beyond her sight. They tried hiking everywhere around the island trying to get away from whatever the hell it was. It just followed, always following. Always on the edge watching.

Digging her boots into the ground with the water skin in hand she sprinted toward the opening of the jungle, pushing everything she had to reach lake inside unscathed. It was a straight shot, but the once quiet jungle awoke immediately with the snapping of branches. It was right behind her chasing for its kill.

This meat moved the fastest, it was the hardest to feast. Fast meat, lean meat, delicious meat. Soon lean happy meat. It will have its meal. Jessica pumped her arms dashing toward the lake, pain in her chest rose as her burnt exhausted body pushed forward. The pain was almost overwhelming. She forced herself to keep her mind only on the water. The snapping came closer as the sound of something massive flew through the trees.

The faint trickling of the river could be heard, hope began rising in her chest. The lake in sight, its cool dark waters welcoming her into its embrace. She dived into the water plunging deep down. Opening the skin, she filled it while readying herself to spring out. It watched her jump into the lake. Jessica knew it wouldn’t go in, knew she would be safe if for only a moment. It became frustrated it wanted to eat, it couldn’t wait to eat.

Jessica came up, and out of the water the smell of nectar filled her nose, but she pushed down the euphoric feelings it gave her. She looked toward the shore knowing it was on one end of the pool. Jessica looked around everywhere trying to find some clue to how she could get away. She came to the opposite of the stream and began her sprint out. The smell became more intense as her mind became clouded. The jungle melted away as the warmth built up inside of her. She kept sprinting as the world around her changed. She kept running in fear, but suddenly her running stopped.

Awaking from the horror of the nightmare she lunged out of bed. She quickly reached for her phone and started calling the others. Each one picked up saying they had the same dream. Jessica sat back down on her bed relaxing some. She let out a long laugh relieved to be home. She got up going to take a shower after the experience. Her neck tickled, and then felt bitten. She slapped where the bite was, but it wasn’t a bug.

It dangled down from the trees biting Jessica’s body wrapping it up like a cocoon. It hummed to itself as its feast laughed. Such good dreams make meat taste the finest. No more meat after this feast, it would grow hungry. The island will provide though. It will bring more meat, and it would feast again.

A Most Soild Introduction

A large unfairness that I find with starting a blog is that so much seems one sided. I get to expel my beliefs, writing, and reviews all over you like the annoying kid in class who only has the one joke. You just get to sit there listening to it wondering what your life has become. Lets hope its not that bad of a blog, but I do hope that you will leave a comment letingt me know what you think. If you are nice then that just makes it a more positive experience for the both of us (especially if we disagree with each other).

Overall I think that I am a failure at life, and what I wanted out of life. This isn’t some sort of emo rant where I spill my nihilistic values all over the web. I am just being honest with myself, and understanding that if I want to improve I have to accept that I failed in many things (most things). Focusing on the positive first I did a couple of things right: I married the love of my life, and I learned how to play dungeons and dragons. Other than that there isn’t really a whole lot I have to be proud of, and in comparison to now I wonder how I honestly managed to get either of those right. I’ve become overweight, I am in debt, I have to idea how to get better work, and I don’t know what it means to live a good life.

When I work with clients I often ask them what they want out of their expereince, what are their goals, and do they have plans to accomplish them? I never took the time to answer these questions for myself. I don’t know who I am really…and that is a strange thing to say. I mean we all know who we are as in what we look like, and how we feel around situations. I just don’t know who I am. I don’t see myself fitting into a situation, and I feel more like a ship on a sea of desperation to find what life all means for me.

So that is why I am writing. It’s self-discovery, and a chance to improve. It’s a way to hold myself accountable to my goals, and one day live a better life. I will be writing my opinion on things, creating fiction, and blogging about my personal life. I’m going to get it all out there to hopefully make a change, and get somewhere close to where I want to be.


What do I want out of this blog?

To grow into the mistakes I have made overcoming the setbacks, and setting up a foundation to build off of.

What are my goals of this blog?

To write fictions, reviews, personal tales, and opinions in an effort to understand myself.

How do I plan to accomplish this?

Write when I can. Post something at least three times a week, take pictures, understand the blogging community.

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